The Strategist

Survey: COVID-19 pandemic will change preferences in air travel

11/11/2020 - 07:44

The coronavirus pandemic will fundamentally change people's travel habits, follows from a study conducted by one of the world's largest satellite operators, Inmarsat.

The study interviewed 9,500 people in 12 countries. Eight out of ten respondents (83%) said that they will no longer be using air travel to the same extent as before after the pandemic.

The survey showed that only 34% of the passengers surveyed had flown since the pandemic began. In addition, 41% of those surveyed stated that they intend to use any form of transport at all, and 31% of those surveyed intend to fly by air less. 

A particular reluctance to use air transport is evident among Asians. 58% of those surveyed in India and 55% in South Korea said they would like to fly less in the future.

The main reason why respondents see the need to refrain from flying is the fear of COVID-19 infection on board the aircraft, which is why passengers are most afraid of going to the toilet in flight or being in close proximity to other passengers. 

However, the majority of those surveyed (60%) are satisfied with the measures taken by airlines in response to the coronavirus distribution.