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Startup: Expectations and Reality

03/13/2015 - 16:11

It is rumored that startup should not monitor the macroeconomic situation too closely, and focus on tactics point of action. If you ignore the global trends, it is possible to identify startups several common mistakes

1. Expectation: Create a clone and calm down.

Reality: Calm down will not work. It is necessary to deeply monitor local trends, online penetration on your chosen niche, service or product. Without first carefully and sometimes costly marketing research the risk of failure is too great.

2.Expectation: Trendy "hipster" product will solve our problems.

Reality: The so-called "hipsters" are only one kind of the audience, and it is closed enough. The niche is quickly exhaustible and sooner or later lead to the need to expand and further investment. Vain feeling of "I'm trendy and fashionable" is often difficult monetized.

3. Expectation You don’t need a lot of testing, or "people don’t know what they want until you show them"

Reality: For innovative products, which were personal computers in the early years of Steve Jobs, the phrase may have applied. Vote sensibly whether you or your team have specific skills of its promotion. If not, don’t spare forces for testing, don’t be afraid of criticism of the professional community, don’t waste money and time to the pilot group. Don’t be afraid of mistakes. The main thing is to correct them right and in time.

4. Expectation: Dumping immediately expand our market share.

Reality: First learn the real sad examples in online-travel consequences of the strategy of dumping (this won’t take a lot of time). If this time you are still not impress, be prepared to spend lots and lots of money for brilliant financial strategy and risk management, but take into account that they cannot guarantee you success.

5. Expectation: Reviews of dissatisfied customers will not affect my business. Still there are other clients.

Reality: In the fast-thicken online market the belief can play a cruel joke with you. You never know when placed in the network negative will grow in quality amount. It is enough to make a couple of clicks to find something bad about your project. Pre-cook crisis communication and marketing strategies to solve the negative problem at the root and not give him a viral spread.

6. Expectation: IT-competence is more important than knowledge of the market.

Reality: Even if you have a brilliant team of programmers, without the support of professionals with years of experience in the industry and knowledge of the pitfalls you run a high risk. Take the time to communicate with professionals, even if you think that their methods of work are oldschool. You will always learn from them.

7. Expectation: Freelance replace a full-time team and optimizes budget.

Reality: It is theoretically possible. But be prepared to spend a lot of money to find the right one who will be honest at the same time, capable of work, responsibility, initiative ... (continue this list on your own).

8. Expectation: expensive marketer solve all the problems of the project.

Reality: Marketing, regardless of its level of competence, is also part of the team. At a minimum, it takes time to understand the specifics of your project. This time - your additional investment.

9. Expectation: The more additional services, the more income.

Reality: Each service requires its own marketing promotion strategy, which, in turn, requires resources.
Where is the solution?
Young entrepreneurs are not afraid of macroeconomic predictions. Business, fortunately or unfortunately, often built "contrary to". Considering the experience of successfully created projects, you need to get your project being supported by several factors:

Idea.  Preferably focused on extremely clear niche target audience, as well as on understanding of scaling ideas to other niches or geographic areas.

Team. With ability of creating a unique technology.

Access to exclusive conditions. This is often overlooked, but without access to the supplier online market will be an impregnable fortress for you.

Interface. Often the decision is made by the buyer unconsciously from the first moment of contact with your system. You have quite a bit of time not to lose a new customer forever.

Large-scale promotion. Marketing promotion strategy should include a clear and comprehensive understanding of the possible instruments and their effectiveness. Orientation on one channel or another tool may lead to the collapse of the project.
Investment. You must initially build a strategy of communication with investors

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