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Spotify launches in Playstation consoles

03/31/2015 - 05:57

Spotify launches in Playstation consoles
Music streaming service Spotify has announced its partnership with Sony Playstation to bring the app-based music jukebox on the Playstation devices.

The service will be available on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and Xperia devices from March 30 onwards. The app will replace Sony's own music streaming service, Music Unlimited. Playstation users will be able to link their PlayStation Network and Spotify accounts and optionally pay for Spotify Premium, for $12.99 per month, through PlayStation. 

Through the connect feature in Spotify app, PS3 and PS4 players can control their music from their phone, while PS4 also supports background music while playing games. The option will allow users to enjoy uninterrupted music so they need not quit in between playing to change songs.  As an initial offer, the company is also giving two months of premium usage as free and a one-month trial offer for new subscribers.

Meanwhile, Tidal, another streaming service owned and marketed by American composer and singer Jay Z, has relaunched in the US. The rival service plans to compete with Spotify and upcoming streaming services from Apple and You Tube by offering exclusive music, including studio sessions and demo tracks, which will give them new ways to communicate with fans.

Launched in October 2008 by Swedish startup Spotify AB, the company has more than10 million users. The company launched in the US in 2011 and integrated popular radio network service Users can also integrate spotify with their Twitter and Facebook accounts to get a more personalized song suggestion.