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SpaceX launches 23 new Starlink satellites into orbit

11/06/2023 - 03:14

Falcon 9 vehicle successfully launched another batch of 23 mini-satellites into orbit to refill the orbital constellation of the Starlink system's global Internet coverage network, SpaceX reports.

Jud McCranie
Jud McCranie
The rocket took off from the 40th launch pad at the US Space Force installation in Florida, Cape Canaveral.

This is the 121st Starlink’s launch since May 2019, and the 52nd since the start of the current year. The company has already launched nearly 5,400 of these satellites. Some of them failed or were ejected from orbit, but around 5,000 of the satellites are in orbit and are functioning.

The first reusable stage of the launch vehicle, which was employed for the 18th time, achieved a controlled vertical landing on the offshore drone platform A Shortfall of Gravitas in the Atlantic.