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Smartphone shipments in Europe overtake global market

12/03/2019 - 07:29

In the third quarter of 2019, Europe showed the highest growth rates among regional smartphone markets, according to Canalys analysts. The supply of devices to the region increased by 8% year on year and reached 52.5 million units.

Europe has outstripped not only the global market as a whole, where specialists previously registered an increase of 1%, but also the dynamic Asia-Pacific region, the supply of smartphones for which rose by 6%.

In addition, the current result of Europe in July-September was the region's best achievement in the third quarter in the history of Canalys observations. Analysts added that in many respects this is the merit of Samsung, which maintains a strong position in the European smartphone markets.

Last quarter, shipments of Samsung devices to Europe increased by 26% and reached 18.7 million units, which became a regional record for the company. With this in mind, the share of the South Korean brand in the period under review rose from 30.4% to 35.7%.

Huawei retained second place, shipping 11.6 million devices. The result was 73% higher than in the previous quarter, when supplies from Huawei sank to 8.5 million units against the backdrop of US sanctions. On an annualized basis, zero growth was recorded.

Taking advantage of the weakening of Huawei, other Chinese vendors have stepped up their efforts in European markets. So, in the third quarter, Xiaomi increased the supply of its smartphones by 73%, to 5.5 million units. As a result, the brand’s market share rose to 10.5%, while a year earlier it was at 6.5%.

Experts believe that Xiaomi will follow the example of Oppo, Oneplus, Realme and Vivo. They are expected to increase the cost of increasing their brand awareness in Europe and expand their local sales offices. Given such a large number of new entrants, a noticeable increase in activity in European smartphone markets is expected in 2020. Deployment of 5G networks in the region will also contribute to the rise, analysts say.