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Significance of B2B Marketing

04/06/2015 - 20:35

B2B marketing has become a vital element in modern day marketing world with its aim to meet consumers growing demand for services and solutions.

Significance of B2B Marketing
The game of sales is undergoing a dramatic change, as the traditional selling strategies are no longer effective. The emergence of digital technology and the social media communications have fuelled the requirement for more targeted sales strategies. Nowadays, the consumers are not willing to spare time in order to meet sales person.

The B2C marketing is all about reaching consumers heart and mind through developing a strong connection between the brand and the customer’s personality. Major brands like Apple have built a strong and positive self-image in customer’s mind. But the idea of B2B (Business to business) marketers is quite distinct than this marketing strategy.

As, we are gradually recovering from the economic downturn, lesser expenditure is on the list of majority of the companies. In order to achieve more revenue and curb expenditures, the marketing strategies need to be restructured. The marketing techniques that is mainly driven by data helps in improving sales productivity and enhancing marketing techniques which in turn will facilitate understanding the importance of spending less.

The increasing connectivity between the consumers and mobiles devices are creating information gap between what consumer wants and what is actually delivered through the marketing technique. However, B2B buying decision are highly complex.

The modern marketing experience of Oracle has brought together different modern day marketers in order to exchange their visions and innovative ideas varying from marketing automation through big data. It was a technology session in Las Vegas that continued for 3 long days. It is evident that the marketing technology is fuelling not only the importance of marketing to new heights but also boosting businesses. For example, automotive industry has strong inclination towards adopting Social Media platform in order to approach its corporate consumers. But only few car manufacturers were able to successfully convert their interest. Ford Direct Dealer Center is a platform provided by Ford Motors to the Franchise dealers in the US market. The site includes e-commerce, digital marketing and brand management.

2015 is expected to be the year for successful marketing automation. The companies who fail to adopt the marketing automation are likely to fall behind as they are deprived of an integrated marketing system. Hence the rivals will gain a competitive advantage over those companies.

The vital concern is to maintain relevance for different consumers. The modern-day buyers are swayed by on demand services and solutions. Netflix and Amazon are heading in consumer experiences and the marketer who are unable to speed up with new innovations will lose the track. The marketers are facing challenges irrespective of the fact whether your marketing objective are in line with B2B or B2C purchase decisions. These challenges are likely to fuel the marketers to discover new innovative approaches and schemes that will eventually lead to wonderful consumer experiences.

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