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Seeing Through Google Aura: In Wait for a New Google Glass' Feature

10/06/2015 - 15:02

Last year, Google filed a patent application for "smart" glasses, enabling the development of holographic images. So, how is it going with the new gadget?

Google representatives have explained that not all patent applications become registered patents and not all patents give life to a serial product. Nevertheless, if such invention finds practical application, Google may provide relevant features to its "smart" glasses.

Earlier it was reported that a new group named Project Aura are being formed to take up the development of next-gen "smart" glasses. The name is consonant with the Project Ara, under which the company develops modular smart phones, but the new department has nothing to do with it.

Work on the creation of augmented reality glasses are now coordinated within the Project Aura. Google Glass continues to evolve, however many think that the development will never return to the mass consumer. However, Google has other considerations in this regard.

Project Aura’s expert team is being replenished from Lab126, which is engaged in the development of Amazon’s hardware solutions, but began to actively reduce staff after the Internet giant’s loss of interest in smartphones. Tony Fadell, who heads Google’s subdivision producing a "smart" thermostat Nest, will continue to monitor the work of Project Aura. Design will be done by Ivy Ross, came from the fashion industry.

Project Aura will be kept as a structural unit within Google, while the recently announced restructuring will bring together several companies in the holding Alphabet. This proximity to the "old Google" will allow creating "smart" glasses of new generation, taking into account the expertise and developing technologies of virtual reality and gesture recognition.

Project Aura has even its own HR specialist: their task is to find brain-boxes for the division, draining away not only Amazon’s but also Apple’s specialists. The unit will not only be engaged in development of the "smart" glasses, but other types of portable devices as well.

Recall that Google's revenue for the II quarter excluding traffic acquisition costs (ex-TAC) was $ 14.35 billion, adjusted earnings per share - $ 6.99, which was above expectations of analysts, that had forecast $ 6.70 with ex-TAC-revenue of $ 14.27.

For Google, this is the first fiscal quarter with the new head of the Financial Services Ruth Porat, who commented on the results as follows: "The results for the II quarter reflects the positive growth of our products, primarily basic categories: search, where it is necessary to allocate the mobile unit, as well as advertising on YouTube. We are focused on new opportunities in a wide range of services. And we do it with an eye to a reasonable allocation of resources. "

Ex-Morgan Stanley CFO Ruth Porat, passed over to Google in May this year, organized by the audit company expenses. In I quarter of this year, the staff of Google employees rose in 1819, an increase to 55 419 employees. This is the slowest growth of state companies in 2013.