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Scotland booes Johnson for no-deal Brexit

07/31/2019 - 11:43

Boris Johnson chose Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales for his first visits. On July 29, he visited Edinburgh, where he met with First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon.

EU2017EE via flickr
EU2017EE via flickr
Against the background of the looming no-deal Brexit, the new Prime Minister should really pay more attention to these regions. After Britain leaves the European Union without a deal, Northern Ireland and Scotland may say goodbye to the country, too. Willingness of the new Prime Minister to abandon the agreement raises great apprehensions among these members of the United Kingdom.

The Scots gave Johnson a cold shoulder as the politician was booed by a crowd in Edinburgh. At the same time, Prime Minister promised the Scots "a bright future after Brexit" and announced allocation of £ 300 million ($ 366.9 million) for projects to develop relationship between local authorities and business.

However, Nicola Sturgeon did not hide her dislike of Johnson and his exit strategy from the European Union. The assurances of Prime Minister that he would be able to conclude a new deal with the EU were not enough to earn sympathy of the Scottish leader.

The main statement of the Minister was her promise that the Scottish Parliament will continue to discuss ways to independence upon returning from vacation, taking into account the new circumstances caused by Brexit. In particular, Sturgeon raised the issue of holding a new referendum on secession from the UK. Boris Johnson replied that there was no reason for this.

In order to calm down Northern Ireland and Scotland, the new Prime Minister keeps insisting that he will be able to conclude a new deal with the European Union and the no-deal Brexit is not a government priority.

At the same time, the Johnson government has already begun preparations for leaving the EU without a deal, as announced by two new Ministers at once. Prime Minister himself intends to conduct an ad campaign of no-deal Brexit. The advertizing is expected to cost at least £ 100 million pounds (more than $ 120 million).

Sajid Javid, Head of the UK Treasury Department wrote on his Twitter account that he had asked the department to “immediately speed up preparations for Brexit without a deal.”

Johnson himself is trying to get the country ready for no-deal Brexit, while avoiding panic among the British. The European Union, however, does not make it easier for him. After the politician took, the European Commission (EC) Chairman Jean-Claude Juncker, the European Commission representative Mina Andreeva, and Brexit’s main negotiator for the EU, Michel Barnier, said that the agreement should not be changed.