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Sanofi's coronavirus vaccine will cost no more than € 10

09/07/2020 - 03:53

A COVID-19 vaccine, which French pharmaceutical company Sanofi is developing in partnership with British GlaxoSmithKline, will cost less than € 10 per dose if approved, said Head of Sanofi Olivier Bogillot said this in an interview with French radio France Inter.

“The price has not yet been finalized. We are currently evaluating all production costs for the coming months. But the price will be below € 10,” said Mr. Bogillot, adding that this summer the company has already signed agreements on the supply of the future vaccine with the Americans, Europeans and the British. 

“There will be 300 million doses of vaccine for Europe and 100 million doses for the United States,” he added.

When asked that another manufacturer, AstraZeneca, intends to price its coronavirus vaccine at € 2.5, Mr. Bogillot said: “This price gap could be explained by the fact that we only use our internal resources to develop, our own researchers and our own research centers. And AstraZeneca outsource a part of the production.”

The third stage of vaccine testing, after which it will be possible to finally talk about the effectiveness of the vaccine and the feasibility of its production, should begin in December, as Sanofi and GSK plan. 

Then the final price will be determined. If the test results are positive, the vaccine could be approved in the first half of next year.