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Rystad: Global renewables capacity commissioned in 2021 grows by 4.7%, hits new record

12/24/2021 - 09:13

Installed renewable energy (RE) capacity at the end of the year reached a record high, exceeding the 2020 result by 4.7%, according to Rystad Energy analysts.

josef knecht
josef knecht
"This was a record year for renewables globally, with installed capacity of 227 GW, 4.7% higher than in 2020," the analysts said.

At the same time, they recorded a marked increase in announcements of solar energy projects. And the number of solar power plants reached a record high, increasing threefold, while the capacity of wind power plants has doubled this year.

Also, hydrogen projects with a total capacity of 245 GW have been announced this year, six times more than last year, according to Rystad, which covers the period from the beginning of the year to November inclusive. Most of them will belong to local clusters, such as those in Mauritania and Kazakhstan, they specify.

The renewable energy industry is currently experiencing significant difficulties, but only in the short term, experts believe. The countries' obligations to reduce carbon dioxide emissions will support the industry's development in the future. And over the next year, they predict that the total capacity of commissioned RES will rise to 270 GW - largely due to solar and hydrogen power.