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Puma unveils running shoes designed specifically for women

06/14/2022 - 09:56

Puma has developed a new style of running footwear, which were made exclusively for women runners, according to the company’s representatives.

Nenad Stojkovic
Nenad Stojkovic
The model was named Run XX Nitro in honor of the female X-chromosome. The company’s officials turned to the University of Massachusetts Biomechanics Laboratory to design and test the sneaker for female runners because "historically, over 90% of shoe biomechanics research has only been done on men".

Scientists tested Run XX Nitro with 224 female athletes who ran approximately 60,000 kilometers in eight weeks.

"This is the first time we've done a large-scale research of the biomechanics of especially female runners," said Erin Longin, general manager of Puma's running gear division. "The results will help us develop our approach to women's running shoes in the future."

According to the designers, the new shoes are different from past women's and unisex versions because they have a fit that hugs the heel, instep, and arch of a woman's foot. They also include a mid-level Nitro Foam outsole for managing pronation (foot rotation or shift in and out), which is more common among women runners.