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Plastic Rice is Found in China

05/21/2015 - 15:54

Fake plastic rice was found in China. It is made from potatoes and plastics. Medical experts have warned customers that the artificial rice is dangerous to health and its use may even lead to death.

It should be noted that the plastic rice has been found in China a few years ago, but now it has spread in India, Indonesia, Vietnam and other countries in the region. However, the authorities of these countries have not yet commented on these reports.

The Ministry of Agriculture of Malaysia noted that he did not receive any complaints about the fake rice. Although the Malaysian Ministry of Domestic Trade noted that they begin appropriate verification.

As the Malaysian edition of The Straits Times writes, fake rice can enter the country illegally from China. But even if it is sold in Malaysia, then mostly you can find it in small stores, rather than in large supermarket chains.

According to Shanghaiist paper, the plastic rice looks rather similar to the natural, but even after the heat treatment, he remains firm, so it is still possible to distinguish a fake.

In 2011, a similar scandal has already taken place. As reported by Singaporean and Korean media, Chinese companies are engaged in mass production of fake rice containing plastic looking very similar to the real thing. It is made from potato and industrial resins.

The inhabitants of the China are renowned throughout the world for their ability to replicate the best examples of world industry. The Chinese in their factories produce clones of luxury cars and fighter jets. But, judging by the latest news, our Far Eastern partners are trying to change the Mother Nature itself.

First of all, artificial rice granules are formed from conventional potatoes, and then they are added to the plastic. According to the assurances of the Chinese inventors, their "rice" remains firm even after long cooking. Cooks, who unexpectedly tried such food know-how, says that consuming of a few plastic cups of rice is equivalent to eating a plastic bag. All of this has forced them to turn to the police, which is now conducting an investigation.

According to doctors, the cynicism in this case exceeds even the sensational story with the addition of of melamine in baby milk by Chinese manufacturers. Then 300 thousand people were harmed and six children died.