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Pepsi to cut sugar content in drinks by 25% by 2025

07/02/2021 - 05:24

PepsiCo plans to reduce the sugar content of carbonated drinks and iced teas sold in the EU by 25% by 2025, Reuters reports.

By 2030, the sugar content should already be down by 50%.

The company intends to make healthy snacks its fastest-growing food category over the next four years, PepsiCo's European head Silviu Popovici told the agency. 

For example, sales of this category are expected to grow tenfold by 2025 and reach $1bn by 2030. "Today, almost one in three drinks we sell in Europe is sugar-free, and we believe this trend will only increase over time," said Mr Popovici.

The company's sustainability report, released on Tuesday, June 29, notes that already 48% of PepsiCo beverages sold globally contain less than 100 calories from added sugar per 0.3 litre. 

The figure has improved by 8% over the past three years and the company aims to bring the proportion of low-sugar drinks to 67% by 2025.