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Pemex: We will keep supplying oil during COVID-19 pandemic

04/01/2020 - 06:13

Pemex, a Mexican oil corporation, announced continuation of an uninterrupted cycle of work and oil supplies, despite strict quarantine measures in the country in connection with the spread of coronavirus.

Matthew Rutledge via flickr
Matthew Rutledge via flickr
"The company continues to fulfill its basic functions, following the plan for ensuring continuous operations in order to ensure fuel supplies and not harm the country's development and economy," the statement said on the company's website.

Pemex emphasized that all of the corporation's warehouse and dispatch terminals have sufficient reserves to meet the needs of the public.

The document states that the company reduced its optional functions and sequentially transferred part of the employees to a remote mode of operation in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Health, and also takes additional efforts to clean and disinfect in places where work continues.

On the eve, Mexican authorities declared a state of emergency and additionally tightened the quarantine regime for 30 days. According to the latest official data, 1094 cases of coronavirus infection and 201 deaths were recorded in the country.