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Nokia's report notes up to 700% increase in internet traffic during lockdown

11/18/2020 - 03:33

Internet traffic in Europe and North America increased by 30-50% since the beginning of the year, video conferencing traffic grew by 350-700%, DDoS attacks rose by 50%, and gaming traffic increased by 100-150%, says the annual report of Finnish company Nokia - Network Intelligence Report, which analyzes trends in network traffic and consumption on the Internet in 2020.

With the introduction of COVID-19 isolation measures in March and April 2020, consumer and business behaviour has changed the internet.

For example, during the March lockdown in the EU, the traffic of the WhatsApp application increased by 609%, the traffic of videoconferences - by 350-700% depending on the platform, Skype - 304%, PlayStation - 170%, Netflix - 58%, Facebook - 27% and YouTube - 13%.

As of 2009, the average household in the United States or the United Kingdom had only a few items connected to the Internet - it was a computer and telephone; as of 2019, there were more than 10 such items, and some had about 30, including games consoles, sensors, smart speakers, television, etc.

Following the monitoring of network traffic, Nokia has identified the key points that service providers should use when planning future network capacity and additional services for their subscribers: to increase the network capacity with reserve capacity; broadband networks in the residential sector have become an important infrastructure - accelerated introduction of new technologies such as 5G and next generation FTTH will be essential to improve access to communication in rural, remote and underserved areas. An in-depth understanding of network traffic is also essential.