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Netlix number of subscribers hits the record

10/30/2018 - 11:55

According to Barclays, the number of new Netflix subscribers who joined the streaming service this year is approaching a record high of 27.4 million people. The result is impressive - it took HBO 40 years to attract almost the same number of users only in the United States.

Shardayyy via flickr
Shardayyy via flickr
Since the beginning of the year, the number of new subscribers to the Netflix streaming service is about to surpass the figure for all of 2017.

According to Barclays, if you do not take into account Cinemax, the number of American users of the HBO channel has reached almost 30 million as of 2014, that is, a little more than 40 years from the first day of the service. HBO was founded in 1972, and on September 30, 1975 began satellite broadcasting, becoming the first television channel that provided a signal via satellite.

Comparing the growth of subscribers with HBO and Netflix shows well how quickly Netflix is gaining popularity both in the US and abroad. The annual increase in subscribers is “the key to maintaining stable results,” Barclays experts say. 
Netflix itself reported for Q3 that data on the growth in the number of users has greatly exceeded Wall Street's expectations. “Considering the failures of Netflix in the last quarter, the concern was fully justified, especially when it came to the number of new subscribers to the service,” according to analysts at Barclays. “Any doubts about growing [Netflix] should be dispelled.”

In the IV quarter, the company expects to see an increase in users in the amount of 9.4 million people.