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Netanyahu expresses regret over deaths of international volunteers in Gaza

04/03/2024 - 06:31

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu described the incident that resulted in the deaths of seven workers from the humanitarian group World Central Kitchen in the Gaza Strip as terrible.

Jolanda Flubacher
Jolanda Flubacher
"This is a tragic event where innocent people in the Gaza Strip were accidentally hit by our forces. These things happen in combat, and we will look into everything thoroughly," Netanyahu said.

The prime minister stated that communication between the Israeli government and the governments of the nations whose people were killed is on its way.

"We will do everything to prevent such a thing from happening again," he added.

Earlier on Tuesday, April 2, the humanitarian group "World Central Kitchen" announced that seven of its employees died as a result of the Israeli strike. Among them were citizens of Australia, Britain, Palestine, Poland, and the United States as well as one who held dual citizenship of the US and Canada.