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NASA's Artemis lunar programme will cost over $93B by 2025

06/01/2022 - 07:05

According to NASA's Inspector General Paul Martin, the cost of the US Artemis lunar program will reach $93 billion by 2025, and the US will not have a manned expedition to the moon until 2026.

"NASA will put back its present plan to place a man on the moon in 2024 by at least several years due to technical issues and delays in the first three Artemis flights, as well as the time required to develop the landing module and spacesuits," the Inspector General's report said. The report is sent to Congress twice a year.

The agency also "lacks an accurate preliminary assessment of the program," according to Martin. The paper estimates that NASA will spend $93 billion on Artemis activities through 2025. Each of the program's first four missions will cost more than $4 billion to launch.

"NASA will struggle to maintain the Artemis program in its current design without proper (budget) adjustment, reporting, and cost-cutting of future SLS rocket and Orion multipurpose human spacecraft flights," the Inspector General says.

The agency plans to place a man on the moon no later than 2025, according to the official schedule. Experts believe that there will be delays and postponements.

NASA claims that the Artemis program, which began under Donald Trump's administration, would return humans to the moon and will pave the way for expeditions to other reaches of space, including Mars.