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Musk sets to sell everything to populate Mars

01/11/2021 - 02:46

The founder of SpaceX and Tesla, Elon Musk, who recently became the richest man on the planet, has decided to sell off all his possessions for the sake of populating Mars. This was reported by Business Insider.

Daniel Oberhaus
Daniel Oberhaus
The entrepreneur explained that the construction of a city on another planet will require significant investments. This is one of the reasons that forced him to sell his property. Another reason is to demonstrate how determined he is when it comes to Mars.

"I will have virtually nothing of financial value left, apart from company shares," Musk explained. - 'When things are stressful at work, I'd rather sleep right in the factory or in the office. And obviously you need some kind of accommodation if the kids are going to be there. But I can just rent it or something."

Earlier, Musk announced plans to build an autonomous city on Mars, which survival would not depend on Earth. He does not intend to abide by Earth's laws beyond Earth and the Moon, but instead wants to rely on self-governing principles "established on the basis of goodwill". By 2050, the businessman plans to send a million people to the Red Planet.

Earlier this year, it became known that Musk's fortune exceeded $185 billion as a result of Tesla's rising share price. As a result, he became the richest man in the world, surpassing Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, who had been holding the title for the past three years.