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Migrants Crisis Intensifies: Germany Imposed Immigration Examination

09/14/2015 - 15:11

The situation in Germany justifies the introduction of a temporary passport control on the border of the country, what does not contradict the rules of Schengen, says the European Commission.

Irish Defence Forces via flickr
Irish Defence Forces via flickr
- Studying of the situation in Germany shows that the measure is justified. The introduction of interim control in some circumstances does not contradict the rules of Schengen. The Commission looks forward to the restoration of free movement across the border in Germany as soon as possible, - explained a representative of EC.

Germany has sent the Commission a written notice of the introduction of border controls, required by the Schengen standards, and the head of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker discussed the issue in a telephone conversation with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. According to the rules of Schengen, the maximum deadline for the introduction of temporary border controls in the Schengen area is two months.

Due to the record influx of refugees from Austria, on Sunday Germany has become the first among the Schengen countries that introduced a passport controls at its borders. At the weekend, about 18 thousand refugees arrived in Munich from Austria.

On Monday, Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann declared summoning the army to protect the country's borders. 2.2 thousand soldiers will be sent to support the police on dangerous sections of the border.

The number of refugees, who have arrived since the beginning of the year to Europe from the Middle East and Africa, has exceeded 430 thousand men, says the International Organization for Migration (IOM). Only on September 1, the number of migrants and refugees has increased by 81 thousand people, emphasizes the IOM.

The influx of refugees has become crucial for the EU, as there is no border control between the member countries and they have to apply for refugee status in the country to where they arrive first. However, they often ignore this requirement, heading to the richest countries of the block.

Frau Merkel, called "mom Merkel" by many migrants for her relatively loyal policy towards refugees, said earlier that the crisis could destroy the regime of open borders within the Schengen area if others EU countries do not take a more active part in the fate of refugees.

There is growing dissatisfaction with the policy of the country against migrants among the German population. There even have been protests against the unlimited reception of migrants in Germany. However, the migrants have their sympathizers too. For example, volunteers are organizing shelters, and are providing migrants with food and water.


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