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Microsoft affected by Meta's employee poaching

01/11/2022 - 06:30

Microsoft has followed Apple in the wake of employee leakage to Meta. Competition for employees between the tech giants has intensified because of the development of meta-universes.
Microsoft's augmented reality team lost around 100 employees last year, many of them to Meta (formerly Facebook), The Wall Street Journal reported, citing former employees and Linkedin data. 

This is because a battle is heating up between the companies for employees with the skills to create a metaverse, the WSJ notes.

Competitors are poaching employees with expertise in developing Microsoft HoloLens augmented reality headsets, sometimes offering to double their salaries, former Microsoft employees said. They said Microsoft's augmented reality team employs about 1,500 people

Microsoft’s spokesman said staff turnover is a common problem faced by many teams. He said Microsoft does its best to retain employees and hire new ones when needed.

Meta declined to comment on its recruitment practices.


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