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Meta will release its first AR glasses in 2024

04/15/2022 - 03:41

Meta will release its first Project Nazare augmented reality glasses in 2024.

The American company Meta will release its first augmented reality glasses Project Nazare in 2024. It is reported by The Verge, citing employees of Meta. 

According to The Verge's sources, Mark Zuckerberg calls the new development of AR glasses "the Holy Grail", which "will change our relationship with technology, as smartphones once did." According to the publication, Meta has not yet created a working prototype suitable for wearing, and now the company shows only a demonstration model during presentations. Meanwhile, the release of the first generation of augmented reality glasses is planned for 2024.

The Verge's Meta interlocutors noted that Zuckerberg compares the development of Project Nazare glasses to the iPhone. The AR glasses will work independently of the phone - using "a wireless device that remotely resembles a smartphone." They will be able to show a hologram of the interlocutor and, according to company employees, such a feature will be an alternative to conventional video calls.