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Meta shows a tool to create virtual worlds with voice commands

02/25/2022 - 08:20

Mark Zuckerberg demonstrated a prototype of the Build Bot system, which can create three-dimensional objects in metaworlds using voice commands.

Anthony Quintano
Anthony Quintano
During the online event Meta AI: Inside the Lab, CEO Mark Zuckerberg demonstrated a prototype of an artificial intelligence system that can create three-dimensional objects in a virtual world using voice commands. A video of the demonstration was published on the company's official YouTube channel. 

The tool, called Builder Bot, is described as an "exploratory concept" designed to help create individual worlds in the metaworld using simple voice descriptions and commands. 

In the video, Zuckerberg's avatar explains and shows how the technology can be used. For example, standing next to Builder Bot, he says "Let's go to the park" and the tool creates a three-dimensional landscape of a park with a lawn and trees. Next, the head of Meta decides to go to the beach and within a second the bot creates a digital coast with an island and clouds.


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