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Meta reaches settlement agreement in data breach case

08/29/2022 - 10:14

According to a document seen by Reuters, Meta Platforms Inc. and Cambridge Analytica have tentatively reached a settlement deal in their legal dispute over allegedly improper data transfers. The agreement's particulars are still a secret.
The parties achieved a compromise, the agency claims, and requested the court for 60 days to allow them to complete the document and submit it to the court.

Meta itself declined to comment on the news.

In 2018, Facebook users brought legal action against the business. Then it emerged that 87 million platform users' data had been accessed by the British Cambridge Analytica, which was connected to Donald Trump's presidential campaign headquarters.

US watchdogs fined Facebook a record $5 billion in this lawsuit in 2019. The District of Columbia's U.S. Attorney's Office added Mark Zuckerberg as a defendant in the data breach case last October. U.S. officials accused him of being accountable for what occurred and filed a personal lawsuit against him in May.