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Meta Leadership Primer: Video Search Engine Optimization

04/29/2019 - 10:09

Maybe you’ve probably spent a lot of money and time producing, strategizing, and editing your video, yet it’s still not getting ranked. You are wondering what is going on?

Firstly, you should know that video SEO is not the same as the standard SEO. Secondly, you need to understand that Video SEO has considerably changed over the past few years.

To get ahead in the increasingly competitive market, let’s understand what video optimization is all about.

What is Video SEO?

Video SEO is the process of optimizing or improving the visibility of your video in the video search engines’ result pages or search engine’s results, generally, whenever related keywords are being searched for. A well-optimized video has a high probability of showing up on the first page of search results.

For businesses, Video SEO helps your videos to rank high on Google, YouTube, and other similar search engines. If visitors cannot see your content due to poor optimization, there will be very low conversions and low conversions, as we know, translates to stunted business growth.

How has video SEO changed?

The use of videos for marketing has been an old practice, but lately, it has risen in popularity as marketers realize the importance of videos –well-targeted videos –on customer conversion. So for the past few years, the practice has evolved dramatically.

It became easier to produce videos and see them online during the late 2000s when marketers started getting their hands on DSLR cameras. Back then you find very few videos on the internet and with YouTube, things were quite promising. These days, we hardly browse the internet without seeing a video; this is as a result of advancements in technology as most people walk around with phones that can shoot high-quality videos anywhere and anytime. Even, the availability of reliable internet connectivity has as well made it possible for people to send their video recordings to the internet immediately. With this growing volume of videos on the internet, marketers have to optimize their videos if they want it to reach their target audiences via search engines.

The ranking of your video matters a lot in this era, and there are lots of optimization strategies that are aimed at improving the ranking of videos on search engines.

Add Valuable Contents

This may sound familiar, but your content should be relevant and essential to your targeted audience and page viewers. To convince them and make users dedicate time to watch your videos, the content of your video must be valuable and also should be supported by a well-written content for easy illustration and even proper optimization for search engines.

Host video to your domain

Whenever you are creating a video that will improve the visibility and ranking of your site, it’s important you also host the video on your domain; this will ensure that search engines won’t direct the traffic to other sites. Google suggests that for easier indexing and increase in video ranking, it is best to create a new page for each new video that you intend to upload.

Create interactive content

To grab viewers’ attention, it is recommended that you add interactive elements to your videos. Whether it’s an annotation, the actual content, or the caption, there are lots of ways you can make a video very engaging and interactive to the users.

You can as well split a video into shorter clips, allowing viewers to pick a preferred part that they want to watch; this has proven to be a very successful strategy.

Optimize with keywords

Keyword research occurs in video SEO to help you discover the most important content for your audiences. Are there any actual keywords? What’s the best way to describe your video? What key-phrases could generate more traffic?

You should be able to strategically infuse relevant keywords and create illustrative contents that will further explain the relevance of the video. This will aid the audience’s comprehension and enhance the ranking of the page for search engines.

Make “shareable” content

It’s not all about creating an interactive video; it’s also about producing content that your audience will enjoy and appreciate. Make your contents shareable by keeping them short and meaningful; also attach share links to enable viewers to share them via social media platforms for their followers and friends to view too. This will increase your ranking through backlinks and also broadens your reach.

Also, ensure to share your videos on social media and other relevant platforms. If they are convincing and engaging enough, you will have audiences responding and visiting your website. This will increase your video ranking through backlinks.

There are several ways to optimize your videos for search engines, but whichever strategy you choose, you have to pay attention to the quality of your content. Creating quality contents adds value to your website, grabs the attention of viewers and converts your audience to recurring customers on your website.

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