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Mercedes Self Driving Car – A Ride into Future

04/05/2015 - 20:32

Concept cars are exciting, innovative and are uniquely designed.

Mercedes Self Driving Car – A Ride into Future
The luxury automaker, Mercedes Benz had developed a self-driving car’s models of its own. One of the most incredible car with no driver, is a futuristic silver model having a lavish lounge area. It was spotted on the streets of San Francisco and grabbed all the attention. The mind boggling car was initially unveiled in January, although it is not commercially available. The new F015 concept car by Mercedes Benz was displayed at a press event. But the amazing car came with a twist as it was not any short-term research project explaining the details about how the car should look like or might work like. Moreover, it was an attempt by the automaker about the type of cars we are going to witness in 2030.

This latest car possess a mirror finishing in the vehicle’s exterior and integrates high-end features. The F015 model is highly proficient in driving its commuters to their desired destination. In contrary to the Google’s self-driving car concepts, the Mercedes model comprises of a steering wheel specifically for the occasions if the car user wants to drive the car. In the best possible manner, these type of concept cars can be defined as mobile homes. The car allows the users to complete their work, play variety of games and get a sound sleep.

The German carmaker’s F015 model possesses wide wheels in order to maximise the space for passengers. The car user can manually control the car through touch screen control features available on the interior of the car. The car is featured by huge LED displays located at its front as well as rear side that facilitates smooth communication with its surroundings. The car also features laser projection system along with intricate audio features. On a self-driving mode, the car throws lights on to the road thereby utilizing its LED headlights to allow the pedestrians to know actually when to cross. 

The highly designed interiors of F 015 is the replica of luxurious personal retreat. The interiors of the car are decked up with wood floors, polished white walls and luxurious lounge chairs made up of leather. The “Luxury in Motion” is about 17 feet long and 5 feet high. It’s a four seats car with its high back chairs shaped like egg. The car is crafted with carbon-fibre, high strength steel and aluminium. The German car can travel almost 1,100 km (on single charge) by means of its hybrid system. The top of the car is covered by a singly glass pane that extends from its windshield through its sunroof.

The idea of self-driving car is no longer a distant concept. Eventhough, Google have set the platform with the launch of their self-driving car, but the appearance of the car has not set the pulse running. However, the stylish vehicle by Mercedes Benz can be said as the future of world’ autonomous cars. Besides, Tesla have also announced about its latest auto-driven model S. With the unveiling of this concept car, the German automakers expects to integrate this kind of self-driving car into the present society. The self-driving cars are yet to win the trust of people so that they no longer need to get scared of automated cars.