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Johnson & Johnson to start testing coronavirus vaccine in humans in September

03/31/2020 - 07:56

The American company Johnson & Johnson announced that it plans to begin testing a vaccine against the coronavirus in humans no later than September. The vaccine itself may be ready for emergency regulatory approval for use by the beginning of next year. The company, together with the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority, BARDA, a division of the US Department of Health, has been working on the vaccine since January.

Open Grid Scheduler via flickr
Open Grid Scheduler via flickr
Johnson & Johnson and BARDA invested $ 1 billion in the project. The company notes "significantly faster timeframes compared to the usual vaccine development procedure." In addition to the development itself, Johnson & Johnson expands its production capacities so that they can supply more than a billion doses of the vaccine, not only in the United States, but also in other countries.

Johnson & Johnson is one of dozens of pharmaceutical companies around the world involved in the development of a vaccine against coronavirus. So, the American biotechnological company Moderna announced start of testing its own vaccine in humans in mid-March. At the same time, according to the World Health Organization, the coronavirus vaccine may appear no earlier than a year later, since it must undergo thorough clinical trials before use.