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Japan approves programme to combat loneliness

12/29/2021 - 08:41

An initiative to combat loneliness has been approved by the Japanese government.

aelena via flickr
aelena via flickr
To address the issue, a 24-hour counseling system will be established. There are also plans to establish a number of sites where lonely people can socialize and look for work.

The Japanese government will conduct a nationwide census as part of the new effort to determine the actual number of lonely citizens. A separate secretariat has already been established in the Prime Minister's office to investigate the situation. In February, Japan appointed a minister for single persons. Seiko Noda, the minister in charge of low birth-rate problems, presently holds the position.

In response to an increase in suicides in Japan, the government sought to address the issue of loneliness. In 2020, 21,000 individuals committed suicide, an increase of 912 over the previous year. The problem primarily impacted women, according to authorities. Suicide rates in Japan had been declining for a decade before to the coronavirus outbreak.


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