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Japan and the UK will jointly develop new gen nuclear power plant reactor

07/19/2023 - 10:43

It is expected to go into service in the start of the following decade.

A team of scientists from Japan and the UK will begin working together to construct a brand-new high-temperature gas reactor for nuclear power plants that is anticipated to go into service at the start of the following decade, reports the Yomiuri newspaper.

Compared to its predecessors, high-temperature gas reactors are more stable and don't need water for cooling. They do, however, require specialized fuel, which Japan will create.

It is anticipated that Japan would leverage the research findings from the UK-led effort to create its own innovative reactor design, which has the potential to be a reliable source of energy.

The British startup Core Power is creating a floating nuclear power station, and on May 24, the Nikkei newspaper announced that 13 Japanese corporations had invested around $80 million in the company.