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Israel to introduce three weeks lockdown due to new outbreak of COVID-19

09/14/2020 - 04:54

On Sunday, the Israeli government spoke in favor of introducing a self-isolation regime in the country to slow the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19, The Jerusalem Post reported.

It is planned that the regime will take effect next Friday at 14:00 local time and will last until October 9. During this period, almost all schools will be closed, residents will be prohibited from moving further than 500 meters from their homes without good reason. Restaurants, entertainment and shopping centers will be closed. Private companies will be allowed to continue operating, subject to COVID-19 measures.

The airport in Tel Aviv will not close.

The government agreed to such measures after many hours of discussion. The goal of self-isolation is to reduce the burden on hospitals, which have recently begun to admit more and more patients with the novel coronavirus.

On Saturday, Israel's health ministry reported 2,715 new cases of COVID-19 infection. At the same time, a record was set in the country for the number of patients in serious condition (513 people). More than 1.1 thousand people have died from the coronavirus in Israel, The Jerusalem Post recalls.


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