The Strategist

Intel and Google Cloud sign 5G partnership

02/24/2021 - 02:53

US telecoms companies Intel and Google Cloud have agreed to collaborate on 5G, Intel said in a press release.

"Intel and Google Cloud today announced a collaboration to develop a telecoms cloud reference architecture and integrated solutions for carriers to accelerate 5G deployment," the release said.

Highlights of the collaboration include the launch of a new test environment to help operators innovate for 5G cloud networks, virtualised radio access network (RAN) solutions, among others.

Google, with its search engine, is part of Alphabet's holding company. It also includes Android and YouTube, Google Life Sciences, Calico, Sidewalk Labs, Nest, Google Ventures, Google Capital and Google X.

Intel Corp. of America, founded in 1968, manufactures a wide range of electronic devices and computer components, including microprocessors. The company had 110,600 employees as of 26 December 2020.