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Influx of millionaires to the U.S. drops by 80%

02/17/2023 - 10:56

The United States is no longer the most alluring location for the wealthy. Henley & Partners claims that while the outflow of millionaires has grown, the influx has fallen by 80%.

Steve Mays via flickr
Steve Mays via flickr
The United States is no longer the most desirable location for wealthy people, Bloomberg quotes a study conducted by London-based consultancy firm Henley & Partners, which specializes in investment immigration.

According to its data, the number of millionaires entering the United States in 2022 was 80% lower than it had been prior to the pandemic. The United States was first in the world in terms of the number of wealthy immigrants in 2014; last year, it fell to sixth place, trailing the United Arab Emirates, Australia, Singapore, Canada, and Switzerland, according to Henley & Partners.

Meanwhile, there has been a rise in the wealthy leaving the United States. The number of people leaving the United States has dramatically grown, according to Andrew Amoils, head of research at New World Wealth, a participant in the study.



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