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IT Leaders Pegged At Connecting All Devices Together

02/24/2016 - 15:46

Companies within AllSeen Alliance (Microsoft, Qualcomm, Cisco, Electrolux and others) announced creation of Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF). The organization will compose a single set of open IoT-protocols, which will accelerate the development of the Internet system of things (IoT).

Microsoft and major international IT companies announced formation of the organization Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF). Its goal is to unify the IoT-standards to help companies and developers create devices for the Internet of things systems.

OCF’s cooperation with business representatives will open huge opportunities for growth of the global IoT industry and accelerate innovation. Thus, protocols, open source projects, solutions for end users and businesses, as well as embedded devices and sensors corresponding OCF standards will seamlessly work with each other, no matter who made them and on what their operating system is based.

"Microsoft is actively working with partners to develop its ecosystem. We are pleased to join the industry leaders in OCF. Due to the generally accepted protocols, OCF will combine the industry of Internet of things - wrote in his blog Terry Myerson, executive vice president of the Windows group and Microsoft Corp. devices - Windows 10 is an ideal operating system for IoT-making, and the Azure cloud is a great platform to create them. Windows 10 devices by default support the new OCF standards, so system will manage a large number of connected devices at home or office. ".

Today, more than 200 million devices are based on Windows 10 and the OCF standard. Windows and Azure ensure the operation of various systems of the Internet of things in areas such as manufacturing, retail, healthcare and others.

In the near future, Windows 10 will be complemented with the programming interfaces that integrate into devices that are compatible with the OCF protocols.