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How to spark up creative business thinking

03/29/2018 - 06:07

It is not easy to wake up your creativity to come up with business ideas. Let’s take a look at seven features of creative thinking.
1. Creative thinking is very social

Just like an artist, and a business person can come up with a wonderful idea. However, creativity always requires interaction with other people. In most cases, implementation of the idea will require cooperation, and not with random people. You need those who think the same way you do: they have the same mind, imagination and, in particular, motivation.

However, for a fruitful conversation and a successfully realized idea, your counterparts must play other roles and have other training. Ideas exist to be discussed and disputed, especially in small groups. It does not make sense to sit at home alone and walk in a circle. You need people with whom you could discuss your ideas, people who will show you everything in a different perspective, who want to cooperate and unite their efforts and abilities.

2. Creative thinking emerges in the right space

The right environment promotes creativity. It must nurture your soul. Only you can decide where this place is. Think, for example, about your home office, a place where you are comfortable alone with your books, your favorite chair, your music and where there is enough room for your notes with ideas.

Good companies arrange a comfortable creative space for employees. Sometimes people travel or move to creative cities, such as London, Shanghai, Amsterdam, Buenos Aires, and so they look for what Richard Florida in his book Cities and the Creative Class called the place where you find "good air, connections, capacity for research, venture capital investments and a whole constellation of different producers ", who are nurturing the creative class and its representatives.

3. Creative thinking takes time

Many people share a thought of Calvin ("Calvin and Hobbes"): "You cannot just turn on creativity. You have to be in the right mood. What is this mood? Panic of the last minute!"

Some kinds of pressure and panic of the last minute can sometimes help, but finding solutions "takes time".

Ideas come and go, and it takes time to sit and think. Time alone. Time to play. Time to experiment. Time to read. Time to think. Time to talk to others. The idea is alive, it needs to grow, and this implies that you will spend some time with it. 

Google, for example, spurs creativity: employees of the company spend up to 20% of their working hours on projects of their choice.

4. Creative thinking needs a variety

Many companies still retain the strange habit of choosing candidates for jobs with uniform CVs, the same thing happens in business schools and design schools. What do you expect from a group of the same people? The same answers.

Therefore, diversity is the basis of creativity. It is necessary to see opportunities hidden in there. Multiculturalism is the answer, not the problem. Teams, whose members belong to different cultures and are managed well, have the greatest potential for creating and implementing innovation. The learning ability is much higher in such groups and, incidentally, more fun.

5. Creative thinking requires diverse resources

Observation, research and visualization are important skills. Collect articles, ads, pictures, objects, movies, music, bits and pieces of everyday life. Read various newspapers and magazines. Visit a museum of history or design that you like best. Become a detective in the field of design and go to stores around the world. There, you will find the material that will allow you to create a mood board, a visual illustration, a tool that allows you to depict atmosphere or feeling that the idea carries. This helps inspire you and your team and set the momentum.

6. Creative thinking includes three stages

This is the main process and the core value for new ideas. First imagined it, then draw on paper, and finally implement in reality. You need to be able to create a project, imagine it and evaluate it. How do you rate it? Put three different products on the table in front of you. How do they affect your five basic feelings? Positively or negatively? Ask yourself why. Define the criteria, remember the goal and always think about the consumer. 

7. Creative thinking means a lot of ideas

An idea is not a single phenomenon. It is important to have many ideas. First the quantity, then the quality. We try to filter out the unnecessary in order to find the right idea. Write down the ideas on the stickers and stick it to the walls. If the idea lingers in your mind for more than a few weeks, then there is something in it. Follow your instincts.

Based on "Creative Personal Branding. The Strategy to Answer: What’s Next" by Jürgen Salenbacher