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How to become a charismatic leader

05/17/2019 - 10:21

One of the features of a charismatic leader is the ability to speak in public. Successful speech is a speech with energy, passion, attractive enthusiasm. Comparisons, metaphors, stories that appeal to the emotions of the audience make it powerful and memorable.

During the study, charismatic leaders demonstrated inspiration, passion as well as energetic appeal to the audience throughout the performance or presentation.
They create a picture of the future in front of listeners using bright, attractive images and words associated with strong impressions — anchors that sink into the subconscious: “upholding”, “inception”, “improvement”, “update”, “increase”, “proclamation” and the like. They strengthen the imagery of speech with the help of metaphors, comparisons, stories, most clearly illustrating the idea.
Passion and energy are contagious, they inspire people and encourage them to follow the leader. It is impossible to gain followers and supporters if your speech is inexpressive and boring - no one will remembers what you said. If you are shy or nervous, too tired or not keen on the topic, you won’t get attention of the audience.
The gift of attractive communication will help you to inspire the team and become its center, maintain the involvement and interest of people, the desire to work with full dedication and timely cope with all projects. A relaxed and indifferent manager is not able to carry anyone along, and in this case it is strange to expect from the team any accomplishments both for the benefit of the company and for themselves.
Control signs indicating the need for skill development:
You don’t know how to influence the audience, your public speeches are boring and inexpressive, you do not have a bright personality.
You are naturally shy and always nervous when you need to talk to people or speak in public
It is difficult for you to show passion or emotions.
During communication, you often get tired and feel a lack of energy.
Ambitious people have enough confidence and energy, both in actions and in the expression of emotions. A sociable person, as a rule, causes sympathy in others, eagerly makes contact, is able to infect with dynamism and enthusiasm. The combination of these features most likely promises satisfaction from such behaviors as communication of passion and energy, using imagery in the speech, and telling stories that help to make the idea brighter.
Five minute skill development exercises
These exercises will improve your ability to charismatic communication.
Show your inspiration
Enthusiasm is contagious; emotions tend to be transmitted; encouragement is a response. Enthusiasm will help you become more interesting and charismatic. Want to develop it? Try the following exercise. 
Greet a colleague or acquaintance and start a short conversation - tell a funny story, provide an interesting quote, share the information that struck you: “I recently read/heard/learned something very interesting...” For example, you were surprised to learn that 65% iPhone owners can't imagine life without this device. Make it clear how amazed you are.
Creating an attractive picture of the future
Stimulate imagination of others, wake up their dreams for a better future by practicing the following exercise. Having finished discussing current issues, ask the other person to present another development of events: “Imagine how things will change if we ...” For example, offer to imagine what opportunities may open up if the problem you are dealing with suddenly disappears.
Figurative and metaphorical
Using images and examples from life makes the information that you want to convey to others attractive and easy to remember. Practice daily to get used to figurative speech. After telling about your idea, quickly think up with what it can be compared: “It’s like ...” Suppose you offer to launch an application for smartphones that helps to properly care for the oral cavity. You can compare the tracking teeth cleaning application with popular programs - calorie counters or pedometers.
based on “The Leader Habit. Master the Skills You Need to Lead in Just Minutes a Day” by Martin Lanik

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