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How to Get Things Done Before Lunch

07/07/2015 - 19:19

You can keep up to make 90% of your work - and even more - in the morning. But how? Neil Patel, marketer and founder of Internet services Crazy Egg, gives 14 tips:

1. Plan your day in the evening
Every evening, you need to list all your tasks and note what exactly you are going to do the next day. If you don’t plan the morning, you won’t be productive. It’s better to be realistic and have a schedule loose enough to really have time to do the real work.

2. Cleaning in the evening
Office mess distracts. "Urgent call to Bob!" note can spoil the whole day. And when you come to the completely clean office in the morning, it helps to think more clearly and work more diligently.

3. Wake up early
Get up in time to keep up with all. If your morning rituals consumes more time, you can get up a little early. It is obvious that, when you go to sleep, you need to adjust for this schedule.

4. Exercise
Science shows that the morning exercises helps to think better, work better and become more productive. Researcher John Reith Harvard writes that high performance in an intellectually demanding professions needs physical. By this, you can prepare a short jog or a 30-minute yoga classes.

5. Simply keep the schedule
Do not allow yourself to deviate from the planned course. You don’t have much time.

6. Give yourself 20 minutes to get into the rhythm
Feeling the flow comes when you are totally engrossed in the work, focus on it and achieve results at high level and rapid pace. It takes time to get into this state, and if you do not feel completely sunk into work, wait for a while.

7. Make decisions in 60 seconds
Decision making is a funnel that sucks time out. When you are confronted with the need to decide on a course of work, give yourself a minute. Your decision will not be worse, but it will take less time.

8. Wear headphones
They cut off the distractions and help concentrate. Harvard Business Review recommends that workers wear them to be more productive.

9. Do the hardest thing first
Mark Twain wrote: "Eat a live frog every morning, and nothing worse will happen to you." Brian Tracy has made this statement in a principle: "Drop disgust, eat a frog." If your most important and the most unpleasant task is performed first, the remainder of the day will be extremely productive.

10. Write the text as soon as possible
This is one of the most intellectually demanding tasks. However, writing texts helps focus the mind and improve performance. If you write something at the beginning of the day, you not only improve the quality of your texts, but also the rest of the day.

11. Do not rush to check mail
Electronic communications have a destructive impact. Yes, you need to answer the mail. This is important, but it will consume the entire day if you start with it.

12. Adhere to certain regulations
If you do something regularly, you can do it better and faster every time. Once you find a suitable schedule, keep it. It is a springboard to the performance.

13. Provide comfort
Do everything that you need to tune in to a success. If you need to take a shower, shave, eat breakfast, make an entry in the diary, meditate, feed the dog, open the curtains - do it. When you follow these preparatory tasks, you create a situation that makes you more productive.

14.  Reward yourself
Set the clock or a countdown timer. At some point, you will need to stop. Do it. Eat a candy, go for a walk – it’s time to reward yourself.

And if you are full of energy and have an inner desire to do more, it’s not necessarily to throw all before lunch. If the job fills you with happiness and satisfaction, continue. When 90% of the work can be done in the morning, it only means that today you will have time to do more than 100%. And it sounds good.