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Hackers attack Capital One US bank, 106 mln customers affected

07/31/2019 - 11:53

American bank Capital One Financial Corp was subjected to a cyber attack, as a result of which hackers gained access to personal data of about 106 million bank customers and people who applied for credit cards.

33-year-old Paige Thomson is suspected in the cyber attack. The FBI detained her in Seattle on Monday. Thomson was charged with hacking into the security system in order to gain access to the data of the bank’s clients that were stored in the cloud service, Dow Jones reports.

The stolen data included information provided by customers and small companies that applied for Capital One credit cards from 2005 to 2019, including addresses, dates of birth, and income information.

Thomson is a former employee of Amazon Web Services Inc. In the summary, Thomson also stated that she worked for a cloud computing company as a system engineer in 2015-2016, and the company name is not specified.

As a result of the attack, Thomson gained access to approximately 140 thousand social security numbers and 80 thousand bank accounts, as well as credit and payment history of Capital One clients.

Although bank representatives reported that the stolen data was unlikely to be distributed or used for fraudulent purposes, the indictment against Thomson states that she was going to put it on the Internet. Capital One reported that it continues to investigate and that the incident is expected to cost the bank $ 100 million to $ 150 million.