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Google Glass Will Be Able to Determine the Image Boundaries by the Photographer Fingers

07/08/2015 - 18:32

Future versions of augmented reality glasses Google Glass is planned to be improved so that the device can take pictures, focusing on the owner’s fingers to determine the boundaries of the picture, according to Gizmodo portal.

Google has issued a patent on the technology, which allows the head-worn gadget to keep track of the user’s hand, and apply this information when shooting. Type of image produced depends on gestures. If you add up thumbs and index fingers to obtain a rectangular frame, the mechanism will make a a traditional photo landscape. If you put your fingers into the ring, you get a circle inscribed in the photo, such as those used in the Google+ service account.

Earlier, a panel and a keyboard projected on various parts of the body, were included in the number of technologies of wearable device in the glasses form factor, patented by Google.

The patent for the new device design was obtained by the company on 16 June. This version differs significantly in design from the original prototype of Google Glass. The creators have promised to submit it as soon as it is ready. Possible release date has not yet been named. Sales of the prototype under the name Glass Explorer Edition ended January 19 (launched in April 2013).

The prototype camera that defines the boundary image on the fingers of the owner, was introduced in 2012 by the staff of the Institute of Advanced Media Arts Japanese and Sciences (IAMAS). The device is called Ubi-Camera. It is worn on the index finger of the left hand. Among other disadvantages, developers noted that the gadget needs a constant connection to a computer for charging and saving pictures. The model did not come out on the market.