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German meteorologists forecast mild winter

11/11/2022 - 09:56

The upcoming winter in Germany may be among the warmest in the past 30 years, allowing consumers and policymakers to save money on energy expenses, according to the nation's meteorological service (DWD).

Sebastian Grünwald
Sebastian Grünwald
According to a news statement on the service's website, "If DWD's model predictions hold true, the coming winter might achieve an average temperature of at least 2 degrees Celsius and so be among the 33 percent mildest winters of the 1991-2020 reference frame."

According to Klaus Müller, chairman of the German Federal Network Agency, a mild winter might result in a 20 percent reduction in gas use, according to DWD.

Savings are necessary even when it's warm outside, Müller advises. "However, even a few chilly days can be enough for consumption to grow and storage tanks to empty quickly again."