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Four New Cultural Trends for Mass Media and Each of Us

05/25/2015 - 17:21

The New York agency sparks & honey which is engaged in tracking cultural tendencies worldwide highlighted 5 main current trends especially actual for the USA and Great Britain.

Never Alone (picture by ELine_Development)
Never Alone (picture by ELine_Development)
1. The functional furniture to save the world

According to World Health Organization, by 2017, the biggest part of megalopolises citizens will live in smaller houses. In this regard, brands started letting out the corresponding production.
IKEA plans to present ‘smart’ furniture with multiple functions, for example, lamps allowing wireless devices charging.
Chicago Virgin hotels already have numbers with multifunctional furniture: the sound panel with Bluetooth, clock, projecting time on the ceiling, and the rotating tables and chairs for more comfortable work.

2. Hyper - targeting

Google’s revolution of television became one of the most discussed subjects, besides indicators, on SXSW 2015. The Google Fiber project was presented to the USA for the first time a few years ago, and on SXSW, guests could try it out: the Internet with a speed of 100 times quicker, than usual and options of viewing only of that advertising, which is interesting to you. These functions are also called hyper – targeting, which will allow brands to achieve bigger success from target audience by smaller efforts.
Facebook announced negotiations with large editions, including Buzzfeed, National Geographic and The New York Times, on that users could read their content, without leaving a social network. Users will see only one advertisement from the edition and their materials to be completely integrated into the social network’s newsfeed.

3. Female self-expression has no sexual character

This trend carries the name Power Woman and is confirmed by a number of new large media projects.
Vice is going to start the female channel Broadly, which editorial board will cover such topics as policy, culture, lifestyle, sex and fashion. Time Inc. recently presented a platform about beauty and Mimi style in a format of "easy chatter". The movement #freethenipple is popular in Europe: the women, including well-known, show the nipples without hesitating, thus fighting for equality.

4. World of games

Games were always popular, and so-called world games, breaking stereotypes and allowing the gamer to plunge into the various adventure worlds, is becoming fashionable. The game Never Alone where a girl with her polar fox investigates Alaska is a good example, immersing the player in surprisingly beautiful world of traditions of locals. The Cook Inlet Tribal Council developer presented a new image of games for attraction of new audience of gamers on SXSW, making a start from success of Never Alone.
Besides, games smoothly flow to other spheres, apparently not related to gaming. Mercedes-Benz invited Ustwo, developers of the most popular mobile puzzle Monument Valley, for creation of innovative design of control panels of the cars — they will show only that is necessary for the driver in due time.