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Five marketing lessons to capture your clients' hearts

01/30/2017 - 15:26

It is no secret that effective marketing is essential for success. However, any business owner sooner or later encounters a simple question: how to promote products and services to achieve worthwhile results.

Lesson №1: Do not forget about websites and social networks

Indeed, loyal customers and word of mouth make the magic happen. However, do not delude yourself that it frees you from the necessity to present your company on the Internet, social networks and to create cutting-edge and an extensive database of knowledge on your topic.

What image of your company are you creating in your valued customers when they see your website obsolete? Design outdated back in 1998; a sporadically updated blog being neglected for two or even six months in a row; abandoned account on Twitter – there are so many things that create a negative image without you knowing it!

Lesson №2: To whom are you addressing?

Imagine you have been asked to get a piece of paper and write a letter. You have done so and now you are sitting in front of a blank sheet. You have already written: "Dear ..." - and stopped at this point. Before you go further, you need to know to whom the letter is addressed.

The task becomes even more interesting when you’re told that this letter is addressed to your aunt. So, you write the greeting: "Dear Auntie"… So far, so good. Your next question might be: why do you ever write? Inquire after her health? Learn a recipe of her famous apple pie? Or say "thank you" for the fashionable knitted socks with lozenge pattern?

Suppose you want to ask the apple pie recipe. Now, most likely, you will immerse yourself in work and will quickly write a persuasive letter.

That's how marketing should work. Understand to whom you refer, think of any particular matter relating to your interlocutor’s sphere of competence, and decide what is important to him. Follow this advice and you will surpass all professional copywriters and advertising agencies. 

Lesson №3: Not How but Why 

Imagine for a moment that you have discovered a mysterious disease that could probably be deadly. You come to see a doctor who specializes in treatment of this disease. After inspection and study of test results submitted by you in advance, the doctor says: "Calm down. You'll be fine since you follow two simple guidelines."

Are you ready to follow his advice? Will it be a surgery? Pills? Exercises? Physiotherapy? Irradiation? But imagine if the doctor said: "You need to go to the hospital park and jump around right now. Then, you should drink two liters of cherry soda."

If you're like most people, then, without a moment's hesitation, you will run to the park and then drink delicious refreshing drink. Why? Because this is treatment. It solves your problem – no matter how, oyu just need to get over it. 

Same goes marketing: no one interested in your How. Your assessment, methodology, your creativity, ir secret ingredients, or patented technology. All information is just noise. Why is obvious in our history – you do it to save your life, no matter How. This is the whole point: a good marketing should be about your business! It is about what your business is different from others and what can help buyers.

Lesson №4: Speak your customer's language

Effective marketing communication is based on the fact that you and your clients use the same language. It's not hard to find out what kind of language your marketing communications speak: individual and unique or impersonal and boring.

There is a simple test. Imagine that you are having a cup of coffee with a friend, colleague or potential client. You have struck up a friendly and relaxed conversation, which soon turns to your business. Now, here’s the main question: will you be able to read a bit of text from your website or advertising booklet aloud to your interviewee without making him laugh in your face or stare at you in surprise?

In other words, could you your marketing language in a personal conversation? If the answer is no, you should completely rewrite your texts.

Lesson №5: Marketing is just the first step

To ask when will marketing end up with a sale is like to fill a car tank and inquire: "Why aren’t we there yet?" Have the tank filled with gasoline is necessary but not sufficient to reach the destination (new customer or client).

Marketing is only the first step, which is still very important to your success. Can you drive with an empty fuel tank? Apparently no. And now that it’s full? Oh yes, and let’s go!

Based on Do It! Marketing: 77 Instant-Action Ideas to Boost Sales, Maximize Profits, and Crush Your Competition by David Newman

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