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Five life hacks to be more productive

05/04/2018 - 12:54

An unproductive person will not survive in business, because less productivity means less money. Such a man needs to spend much more time and effort to achieve the same results than an effective person does.

What does it mean to be productive? Is it about working more or increasing resources? No, it means getting more by spending the same amount of energy. That is, we can work only a couple of hours a day, but be productive and earn as much as we need.

How can we increase our productivity? To do this, pay attention to the following things. If you fulfill at least one of these points, your productivity will jump.


This directly affects our productivity. When we are able to delegate and manage other people, we can do many things at once. There are not many hours and hands on the clock, so it will be useful to learn to ask other to do something for you. Remember the Pareto rule? 20% of actions give 80% of the result. Identify the very 20% that bring you the most benefits. Try to distribute the rest among employees or hire an assistant.

Get rid of junk

Regular cleaning not only creates free space, but also increases speed and productivity. it is also true for workplace, outdated regulations and documents, unvisited contracts, and even notes and photos in the phone. Imagine a computer, cluttered with dozens of unnecessary programs that constantly overload the processor. The system will not work smoothly and quickly unless they are removed. In any case, garbage kills productivity and diverts attention. It's a waste of time. Therefore, regularly get rid of unnecessary.

Concentrate on the goal

When we know where we want to go, then we quickly go in the right direction. And if there is no goal, then time is spent ineptly. However, simply to have a goal does not mean to achieve it. You have to focus on it. We must constantly keep it in mind and in sight. And the main thing is to constantly ask yourself: will this action bring me closer to the goal? Is this step necessary?

Action gives birth to action

Moving from the dead center is much harder than taking a step when you are already moving. The first step is both the easiest, and the most difficult. It is easy because you only need one small action. And difficult is because sometimes you have to overcome a lot of fears and doubts. Do it, and you will discover that the rest is much easier. If it's hard for you to do some great work, start with a small part of it.

Invent a system

Productive people work efficiently. They constantly ask themselves: How can I make my life easier? What is the best way to organize it, to spend less time and effort on it? We need a system to spend energy at a minimum. When we systematize something, we do not make unnecessary movements. For example, scripts for calls are a system. It either works or it does not, but you should have them. Otherwise, you cannot avoid wrong actions.

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