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Facebook launches dating app, sparks discussions about privacy

09/06/2019 - 07:30

Facebook launched its Facebook Dating service in the USA, which allows filtering potential partners according to their interests. However, due to scandals surrounding the leak of user data, Americans may not want to share personal information with the service, writes the Financial Times.
Facebook launched its Facebook Dating service in the United States. Now, users can build “meaningful relationships based on common interests,” the company’s website reads. The service will provide a “more reliable picture of what a person is”, as will allow you including in the profile those interests, groups, events and photos posted on the main page, Facebook announced.

The Facebook service has one obvious advantage over others, writes Business Insider. It allows users to filter the list of potential partners using various information that they post on social networks. For example, you can choose only those who are in a particular group or attended an event.

At the same time, the service never offers Facebook friends as potential partners. However, it does provide the Secret Crush feature, which allows you to select up to nine people from your friends list. They will be notified that an unnamed friend shows a romantic interest in them. If one of these people also added the sender to the Secret Crush list, the information will be disclosed to both.

The question is whether American users will want to share information about their personal lives with the company, the newspaper emphasizes. Following the Cambridge Analytica scandal last year, Facebook was criticized for its approach to handling user data. Then it became known that the British company was collecting data from users of the social network to target them with political advertising. Facebook said Cambridge Analytica obtained these data as a result of the leak.