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Facebook, Google, Netflix to introduce mandatory vaccination against COVID-19

07/30/2021 - 10:10

Facebook and Google have announced that employees must be vaccinated against the coronavirus before returning from remote work to their offices. Netflix has announced mandatory vaccinations for actors and other workers who come into contact with them on sets. It is not specified how many employees of these companies have already been vaccinated.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai said the mandatory vaccination requirement for employees will first apply to offices in the US, before being extended to units in other countries. Employees will be vaccinated in accordance with local laws, AFP reported.

Facebook has taken similar measures. "We will require everyone who comes to work at any of our campuses in the US to be vaccinated," said Vice President of Human Resources. She said the company would work on getting back to work for those who cannot be vaccinated for medical and other reasons.

Netflix has made it mandatory for actors and set workers to get vaccinated against COVID-19; vaccination can be declined for medical and religious reasons or due to age restrictions, reports Hollywood Reporter. Participants in projects already in production may also choose not to be vaccinated. The company has agreed the rules with trade unions and other industry organizations.

Since the pandemic began, 34.6 million cases of the coronavirus have been identified in the USA, and 611,800 people died. The USA has the world's highest number of cases and deaths from the virus. According to WHO, COVID-19 infections worldwide rose by 8% in the past week while deaths rose by 21%.