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EasyJet cancels 1.7 thousand flights for July, August and September at London Gatwick

07/11/2023 - 10:15

One of the factors behind the carrier's decision, according to the Independent newspaper, was airspace constraints caused by the situation in Ukraine.

C. Barcenilla
C. Barcenilla
1.7 thousand flights that were scheduled to operate in Gatwick, the second-busiest airport in London, have been dropped by British airline easyJet for the months of July, August, and September. According to a Monday report by The Independent, one of the causes was airspace constraints due to the situation in Ukraine.

"Like all airlines, we are always examining our flight schedules. Currently, we operate over 1,800 flights and service about 250,000 passengers daily. This summer, the entire business was faced with difficult circumstances as airspace became more constrained owing to the conflict in Ukraine, causing unheard-of delays," according to the company’s representative. "Consequently, we proactively introduce modifications to our [flying] program. Customers whose flights are impacted are [timely] informed, and 95% of them are offered a chance to be rebooked on another flight or a refund."

95% of passengers, the magazine claims, were able to secure tickets on easyJet's substitute flights, while 9,000 passengers were not. It also came out that there aren't enough pilots on the airline to carry out the flight schedule for the summer of 2023.