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Dyson announces housekeeping robots

05/26/2022 - 09:52

Dyson, the hairdryer and vacuum cleaner manufacturer, revealed details on development of robots for home cleaning, and demonstrated the first prototypes. They can vacuum furnishings and pick up stuff like dishes and children's toys. By 2030, the firm plans to showcase its first model.

Laust Ladefoged
Laust Ladefoged
Dyson has announced that it is working on robots to clean houses. The company's website has the announcement as well as images of the first prototypes. The company, which is best known for its vacuum cleaners and hair dryers, plans to hire hundreds more engineers to expand its robots division.

"Dyson is expanding its robotics efforts by hiring 250 experts with expertise in computer vision, machine learning, sensors, and mechatronics, with plans to add another 700 in the next five years. The main plan is to build the UK's largest and most advanced robotics hub at Hallavington Airfield by the end of the decade, and then bring the technology into our homes," the press release reads.

The company's prototypes are capable of picking up small objects like plates or children's toys, as well as vacuuming furniture and producing a 3D model of it for more precise alignment. According to The Guardian, Dyson plans to unveil its first completed robot by 2030.