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Dyson abandons plans to build electric cars

10/11/2019 - 08:39

Dyson, created by British inventor James Dyson, abandoned the production of electric cars at plants in Singapore and Britain because of the commercial unprofitability of the project, the company said.

According to the inventor, the project itself and the designed car are "fantastic" and meet high requirements, but the £ 2.5 billion project is "not viable commercially."

The company also plans to close earlier factories in Singapore and the UK, where it was supposed to begin production of a new car.

James Dyson announces plans for an electric car in 2017. Initially, the volume of investment in the new project was estimated at about two billion pounds. The inventor then stated that for about two years the company had been secretly working on a battery, on the basis of which the electric car would be built. Also t was planned to use other technical inventions of the company, which are already used in Dyson products.

Dyson is a British manufacturer of household electrical appliances. The company was founded in 1992 by inventor James Dyson. Headquartered in Malmesbury in the south of England. The company's products are sold in 75 countries, 90% of Dyson devices are sold are outside the UK.