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Christie's creates venture fund to invest in art tech startups

07/20/2022 - 03:44

Christie's Ventures investment fund will concentrate on assisting businesses who are creating financial digital art goods and Web3 art market technology.

Yaou Tcing Hoernld
Yaou Tcing Hoernld
The auction company Christie's has established its own investment fund, Christie's Ventures, which will help growing technology firms in the arts with money and advice.

"Our focus is on early-stage startups and FinTech companies formed by founders with a demonstrated track record of providing chances to solve challenges in the art market", the auction house stated.

Christie's Ventures will prioritize three areas when deciding which initiatives to invest in: the Web3 technology, financial digital arts goods, and solutions that make transactions in the art market simpler.

Canadian firm LayerZero Labs, which is creating technology to exchange digital assets over various blockchains, was the first company Christie's Ventures invested in.