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China condemns US bill to ban TikTok

03/15/2024 - 02:45

The Global Times writes that China's Foreign Ministry has denounced a US law that would result in the TikTok app being banned in the nation, claiming it is unjust to use national security concerns as an excuse.

Nordskov Media
Nordskov Media
The US bill that compel TikTok's owners to change reveals their 'gangster' strategies, which entail plundering the successful, China believes. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin stated, "There is no honesty or fairness if the US seeks to shut down successful businesses in other countries under the pretext of national security to do so."

He pointed out that the world is made aware that the "rule-based order" serves Washington's interests alone by the way the United States acts in this circumstance.

A bill approved by the US House of Representatives may result in the app for making and viewing short videos TikTok being blocked from being used in the country. The House will exert as much pressure as possible on the Senate to likewise support the package, according to House Speaker Mike Johnson.

The law would force TikTok's parent firm, ByteDance, a Chinese company, to sell its shares; if it doesn't, the app might be prohibited in the US. CNN reports that if the bill becomes law, TikTok will have around five months to break its ties to ByteDance.