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Car Sales in the US Head November Records

12/02/2015 - 15:57

Usually, November sales of cars in the United States are weak. Yet, according to research firm Autodata Corp., this time, producers have raised in the belief that the year can be completed with record figures.

According to a research published by US firm Autodata Corp., car sales in the US in November, was not as sluggish as usual this month. The reason for this were lower gasoline prices, available loans to buy cars, and, additionally, the "Black Friday." As a result, sales rose 1.4% compared to November last year, with over 1.32 million cars sold. 15.82 million vehicles have been sold since the beginning of the calendar year including November, up 5.4% over the same period last year. If the pace of sales does not subside in December, manufacturers can expect a record high since 2000 (17.35 million vehicles sold then).
Corporation GM sold the largest number of vehicles - 229 ths., which is 1.5% more than in November last year. At the time, the corporation’s sales of light truck were three times as much as those of passenger cars. Toyota Motor is slightly behind GM, with 189,5 th. cars sold (increase of 3.4%). Sales of Ford Motor rose 0.3%: the company sold 186.9 th. cars, with the greatest demand for light trucks. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and the North American division of Nissan showed good sales growth in November - 3% (170 th. cars) and 3.8% (107 th.), respectively.

However, not all companies have increased sales. This is especially noticeable in the American division of Volkswagen Group. The company has not yet recovered from the scandal with distortion of the data on the level of emissions from cars, which caused serious damage to its reputation. For example, Volkswagen Group's total sales in November fell by 16.8% compared to last year. Car sales under Volkswagen brand collapsed even more - by 24.7%.

According to the annual ranking of customer satisfaction in quality of cars sold in the United States, Americans are less satisfied with them because of the quality problems. This year, US consumer satisfaction with cars fell by 3.7%, to 79 out of 100 points in the rankings. Most of all, the Americans are glad with quality of Lexus cars, and the least - Fiat. The cause is seen in reducing the quality of automotive products, which resulted in numerous reviews. For example, last year, manufacturers had recalled 64 million vehicles in the United States. Consumers’ dissatisfaction is also caused by higher prices for cars.